Restoring the soul of America

The Election of Joe Biden as the
46th President of the United States



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46th President of the United States


Late morning (Eastern time) on November 7, 2020 the major news outlets declared Joe Biden President-Elect of the United States. He was projected to win Pennsylvania, and the Keystone State’s 20 electoral votes put Biden over the top to reach 273 electoral votes (with 270 needed to win the Electoral College). Joe Biden’s third run for president was the charm.

At 77 years old, Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States. His election came after 36 years as a Senator from Delaware, eight years as Vice President under President Barack Obama, and nearly four years watching in horror as President Donald Trump lied, spewed hate, and deepened division. Biden had won the most consequential election in modern United States history, and one of the most consequential for the nation. Decency and democracy had been on the ballot.

Joe Biden’s run for the White House was more than fulfilling his longtime desire to be president. It was answering a call to restore hope and unity for nation shroud in darkness and deeply divided. He described it as a battle for the soul of the nation.

His decision to run came after the horrific scene of White supremacists and neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017. Like most of the country, former Vice President Biden witnessed President Trump’s utter failure to denounce that hate and violence. It was a turning point where it was clear Donald Trump either could not, or would not, change and live up to the office he held.

In fact, Trump was disgracing the Office of the President. He was unfit to be Commander-In-Chief. And Trump was causing great damage to the country. We simply could not afford another four years of Donald Trump in the White House.

While Joe Biden knew in his heart he had to run for president in the summer of 2017, he carefully planned his announcement for spring 2019. Timing is everything, and late April 2019 was the time Joe Biden felt it was best for him to officially enter the race to become the Democratic nominee for president. He was the immediate front-runner (he had been leading in the polls before entering the race). Many felt Joe Biden was the only Democrat who could defeat Donald Trump in November 2020.

Donald Trump wasted no time in attacking the former Vice President. He floated a conspiracy theory, without any evidence, about Hunter Biden (Joe’s son) and Ukraine. Trump’s efforts to dig up dirt from the Ukrainian government resulted in his being impeached by the House of Representatives. Despite the clear evidence of Trump’s activity to use his office to illegally go after a political rival, the Republican controlled Senate failed to convict Trump.

President Trump’s actions did, however, indicate he believed Joe Biden posed a real threat to his re-election. After Biden became the Democratic nominee, Trump tried everything he could to paint Biden as being in the pocket of the “radical left” and would destroy America with socialism. Trump’s other favorite attack was calling Biden “Sleepy Joe” (trying to indicate Joe Biden did not have the stamina to be president).

Unlike his attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016, nothing seemed to land with any weight. Trump could not get anything to stick to Biden. While polls were viewed with some skepticism (rightfully so after 2016), they did consistently show Joe Biden ahead of Trump nationally and in most swing states. At best, though, Democrats were cautiously optimistic. Many were still traumatized from 2016 and feared a repeat.

Despite the polls still being off in the end, they were more accurate than 2016. Biden’s margin of victory was much closer than the polls indicated they would be, but Biden did win a relatively decisive victory with 306 electoral votes and 51% of the popular vote. Modern presidential elections tend to be close. Getting a majority of the popular vote and over 300 electoral votes is about as big a mandate as one is going to get with a divided electorate.

In this short book we are going to review Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President of the United States. There was a stark difference between the two candidates. Not just on policy, but in character. And the choice for America was between two vastly different futures for the country. The majority of Americans chose to embrace decency, normalcy, and the possibility of uniting for a common purpose.

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I ran for this office to restore the soul of America.”
Joseph R. Biden, Jr., 46th President of the United States


On November 7, 2020, Joe Biden was declared the winner of the most consequential election in our lifetimes. More Americans voted for Biden than any presidential candidate in history, delivering him a 7 million popular vote margin and 306 electoral votes.

Biden’s election resulted in jubilant celebration throughout America, and around the world. His election comes with the hope of restoring the soul of a nation so America can become the more perfect union we aspire to be.

More than half of the electorate chose the former Vice President to replace the incumbent President. In so doing, 81 million Americans chose to restore integrity, decency, empathy, and competence to the Oval Office.

Join in celebrating the election of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. as the 46th President of the United States with a look at Biden’s 2020 run for the White House, his historic election, and call to restore the soul of America.

This edition includes President Biden’s Inaugural Address and other important speeches from his campaign, election, and transition.

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The Election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States


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