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The History of Self-Publishing 3.0

Self-Publishing 1.0 began in the 1990s with desktop publishing and print-on-demand technology.

Self-Publishing 2.0 kicked off with the Kindle in 2008, and quickly saw the rise of digital publishing, reading and listening to e-books and audiobooks, together with online bookstores and book distribution.

Self-publishing 3.0 sees authors emerging with independent publishing businesses, owning and trading in their own intellectual property on a non-exclusive basis.

This era is powered by four drivers for authors: direct sales, wide publishing, selective rights licensing, and author collaboration.

Author Empowerment and Independence

True independence for authors is both creative and commercial and very possible today.

Being an “indie” author means owning a successful writing and publishing business that is not dependent on any single outlet–be that exclusively signing all rights to one trade publisher, or exclusively self-publishing with one platform or service.

Instead, authors rely on independent enterprise, empowered negotiation, informed decisions, and author collaboration.

This puts the author’s own transactional website at the heart of a safe, sustainable, and scalable global digital business that self-publishes wide and selectively licenses rights.